I Love Your Love The Most

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It’s been a year.  Hard to believe this year passed so quickly.  This time last year, I was neck-high in moving boxes and old memories.  A year later, I am thankful for all of your love and support even if at times it may seem that I left you behind.  I really have not, I have become overwhelmed with a new city, a new job and a new adventure.  Despite all the things new, you haven’t forgotten me. I am reminded of this by my trip this past week home to DC.  The 3 hours at dinner with Messieurs David Dale, Andrew Mills and Matt Norman set me straight.  Old friends have a way of making your current worries seem trivial.  4 year old nieces have a special way of making you feel small again.  I am reminded that I love your love the most. 

That is why I need your help. I am going to start using this blog as a way to keep you updated.  I am so far behind on sharing that I need a jump start.   I think this blog needs some spice and I have a few recipes to share with you.  But where to start?  So if you receive this via email, or if you see this on facebook, please vote on one the following recipes for me to post.  Since I am a believer that food is the ingredient of love, I am going to keep at this blog as a way to stay connected and motivated to try culinary exploits.  Ideally, I would love for y’all to be eating this food with me (so start looking at plane tickets!)

So what would you like to me to post?  BBQ Ribs with Mexican style street corn with truffle and parmesean; the best queso with spicy chorizo; the deconstructed almond joy dessert; Buttermilk and habanero fried-chicken with cornbread; shrimp and polenta? 


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11 Responses to I Love Your Love The Most

  1. Thu says:

    Buttermilk and habanero fried chicken! No need to vote y’all.

  2. Regina says:

    Shrimp and polenta! Bill votes for dessert!

  3. Janet says:

    The corn and the almond joy both look awesome…hey, here’s an idea…post all the recipes! Your food always looks amazing!

  4. Katie Ryan says:

    Shrimp & polenta!

  5. Beth says:

    Queso with spicy chorizo! I also would love the bbq ribs and corn recipe 🙂

  6. Matt Norman says:

    Fish Tacos!

  7. Stephanie Shoupe says:

    Buttermilk and habanero fried-chicken with cornbread. That is what sounds great today. Tomorrow it could be the queso 🙂

  8. Michelle Woodside says:

    Shrimp & Polenta! Followed by all the others!

  9. Patty Peltier says:

    The Ribs and Corn on the grill look tasty to me!!!! Will be visiting Texas In July and moving back in 2013!

  10. Tom Stilwell says:

    Shrimp & polenta …. and wish I could be there!!!!

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