NFS8 Audition Tape

Well I thought I would share my NFS8 audition video with everybody.  As you know, 2 weeks ago, I participated in the call-back round of NFS and one of the homework assignments was to make a 3 minute video.  However, I have a unique problem that most people don’t have….I am homeless.   How homeless you ask?  Well, my house is being renovated and as you can see in the first part, its been ripped down to the studs.  Another problem?  I traveled for the last two weeks going from Austin – Tucson – Westminster Maryland – NYC and just now arrived back to DC.  So finding a kitchen was pretty hard to do.

Fortunately, I have a friend, Vila who owns V Fine Dining in Tucson.  She graciously allowed me to cook in her restaurant kitchen.  I then went to my co-worker Clark’s house in Maryland and cooked again.  Thus the various transitions.

Fortunately, the instructions from NFS read : Get Out of the kitchen as well! (Check)  Show us a part of your life other than cooking. (Traveling…Check)  Introduce us to your garden (Nope), your family (I am single…so big nope), your restaurant (How about somebody else’s restaurant?  Half-Check), you hobbies (Cooking…Check), your home (Check)…we want some insight on your life!

So go ahead and watch.  Give me your feedback.  Try not to be too hard on me.  Special thanks to Clark for being the camera guy, Vila and Chef Redman for allowing me to use their restaurant, Carrie and Nolin for being the editors of this movie.

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4 Responses to NFS8 Audition Tape

  1. Sara K says:

    I don’t know anything about the rules (length of video, etc), but these are two things I thought of: 1. you never said what to do with the onions (do you dry them before adding to the salsa, etc) and 2. could you show a bit more of the travel (ie you with a suitcase on the map, and outside of the restaurant/friends’ home, etc). I love the whole get lucky salsa idea and the single chef. I hope it works for you (in more ways than one).

    • Toan says:

      Sara, Sorry..a lot got cut when we tried to edit to 3 mins. You can follow the recipe for the salsa on the blog. The short answer is your drain the onion from the salt water and then add to the rest of the ingredients.

  2. John M says:

    Toan, awesome video. I’m craving some Salsa now (that kind you just made!!!)

  3. Michelle says:

    It’s terrific!! I’ve never prepared the onions that way before! Perfect! Thanks!

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